How to Snag Check Your Property

No matter how small your project renovation or how experienced your build team is, we always recommend you complete a snagging list.

If you’re unsure what snagging is and why it is essential, quickly get yourself up to speed by looking at a previous blog on this subject: What Is Snagging and Why Is It Important?

Snagging allows you to walk around your project and do a quality check. You need to test every element of the property/renovation to ensure that everything looks and works as intended and meets your expectations.

Compile a list of anything that doesn’t meet your standards or specifications and share it with your build team or project manager. That way, they can review the list before signing off on your project.

For any knocks, marks or paint touch-ups, consider using Post-it notes or masking tape to illustrate exactly where the issue is and noting it on your snagging list.

We’ve put together a snagging checklist for you to work through to guide you in what to look for when snag-checking your projects. If you think we’ve overlooked anything, then let us know!

Now, then, let’s snag your way to success!

General Finish

Walk through each room and look along the skirting boards as a starting point. Then, walk through again and check the walls. And walk through again to check the ceilings and floors. Here’s what you’re looking for:


  • Has the correct paint colour and finish been used?
  • Are there any marks that need touching up?


  • Are there any marks that need touching up?

Sockets & Switches

  • Have these been cut in nicely?
  • Have they been put back straight and neatly?

Doors & Architrave

  • Is the paintwork neat?
  • Are the doors and architrave secure?
  • Do the doors open and close nicely?
  • Do the doors lock/unlock easily (where required)?
  • Are there enough screws in each door hinge?
  • Are there any dents on the walls behind the doors that need filling?
  • Have doorstops been installed (where required)?


  • Do the windows open and close correctly?
  • Is the paintwork around the windows neat?
  • Are the edges of the windows tidy?
  • Have window trims been added?



  • Do the taps turn on and off as expected?
  • Are the hot and cold water feeds the correct way around?
  • Have the sinks been sealed correctly?
  • Is the pipework underneath neat?
  • Do any of the pipes leak?


  • Do the toilets fill up with water to the correct level?
  • Do the toilets flush properly and move tissue out of the toilet bowl?
  • Is the pipework behind the toilet neat?
  • Do any of the pipes leak?


  • Do the radiators heat evenly all over?
  • Is the pipework neat?
  • Do any of the pipes leak?

Showers & Bathtubs

  • Run the water for 10 minutes- are there any leaks?
  • Are the shower trays and bathtubs sealed correctly?


Plug Sockets

  • Do all of the plug sockets work?


  • Are the lights installed correctly?
  • Are any spotlights flush with the ceiling?
  • Do all lights switch on/off from each switch as they should?

Fire & Security Alarms

  • Are the fire and security alarms switched on and working?


  • Do all of your appliances switch on and work?



  • Have the kitchen units been fitted correctly?
  • Are all of the kickboards installed and sturdy?


  • If there is a dishwasher, is it working correctly, and does it leak?
  • Is the oven plugged in and working correctly?
  • Is your hob working correctly?
  • Is your extractor fan turning on and off as expected?


  • Are all tiles grouted and finished neatly?

Worktops & Sink

  • Are the sink and the worktops sealed correctly?
  • Have all of the edging strips and trims been added?

There you go! You’re now ready and prepared to undertake your first snag check.

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