Our story began back in 2016 when Åben founders, Adam & Sammie, embarked on a property development training course. They had always been drawn towards the idea of renovating and building new homes, so becoming property developers felt like a natural step for them.

A year later, in 2017, the Åben name was born. Åben is Danish for ‘open’, and the word combines our passion for the uniqueness of Scandinavian design with being open and honest in our approach.

Since completing their property development training, Adam and Sammie have spent the last few years acquiring unloved properties and transforming them into beautiful homes. The motivation for providing high-specification and well-maintained homes for tenants came from Sammie’s experience when she helped her sister move into her rental home, which needed a complete clean before feeling comfortable to move her belongings in. She believes that it’s a fundamental responsibility for landlords to take good care of the properties where their tenants live.

Despite being initially set up to provide shared homes for young professionals, the skills which the team have picked up along the journey have enabled us to offer additional services such as interior design and project coordination.



Sammie has always had a love for maths, interior design and business. With experience in project management and a degree in mathematics and computer science, there isn’t a problem she cannot solve.

Sammie heads up the interior design side of Åben and is responsible for creating the look and feel you will find in our shared homes. She has an eye for creating unique interior design features, using her vision and creativity to see your home differently.

Sammie thrives on working to deadlines and delivering on projects regardless of the challenges that arise along the way. She has vast experience with maintaining transparency and building on relationships to ensure all parties are happy with the outcome.

Sammie understands the need to plan and organise every detail as well as foreseeing possible challenges at the beginning. She tackles every project with a solution-focused mindset and faces each challenge head-on.


Adam has worked as a physiotherapist for over ten years. His experience in this field has enabled him to develop the ability to evaluate a problem and make decisions quickly and accurately.

Additionally, Adam understands the value of clear communication. Adam’s caring nature and empathetic presence allow him to build strong, grounded relationships with people.

Alongside managing Åben’s properties, Adam spends his time coordinating on building and renovation projects for other property developers.

Adam has experience with managing a large team of people as well as the running of a fast-paced, demanding ward. He co-ordinates people and tasks to play with each team members strengths and ensure the best possible outcome.

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