Style. Simplicity. Functionality.

These are the core ideals at the heart of Scandinavian interior design. It’s all about creating maximum style with minimum fuss.

One thing we’ve become curious about here at Åben Living is just how Scandinavian design came about. So, we’ve done some digging and have discovered a whole lot of history. 


Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

Probably a good place to start, no?

Scandinavian design came about because of what life is like in the Nordic regions (Denmark, Sweden, Norway etc.). Living through long and dark winters in typically small houses provided the inspiration for making homes feel warm, bright and airy.

In similarity, many properties in the UK, particularly rental properties, struggle for space as well. It’s probably why we’ve become quite taken with Scandinavian design here at Åben Living.

It was in 1947 at the Triennale di Milano design exhibition in Milan that Scandinavian décor exploded on to the scene. Furniture, fittings and accessories were in instant hit and the whole world soon started to take notice.


Three Key Things to Note

  1. Something which is made quite clear in Scandinavian design is the doing away with anything frivolous or ornate. If it doesn’t look clean or if it isn’t functional, then it’s no good. Clean lines, solid pieces and feeling modern is where it’s at.
  2. Simplicity is king. If you’ve ever taken the time to trek around IKEA, you’ll notice that there is no such thing as clutter in the displays. As previously mentioned, many Scandinavian homes are quite small, so there’s no room to fill the house with trinkets and other things you might be hoarding. To be honest, we’re not sure if it’s just coincidence that the Norwegian for ‘clutter’ is ‘rot’.
  3. Possibly the most notable thing about Scandinavian interiors is the maximisation of natural light. If you’ve ever visited somewhere that has a ‘Scandi’ feel about it, it’s most likely because everything seems so bright. From the walls to the floors, cabinets, bedframes, and pictures, it’s all geared towards reflecting as much light as possible to make spaces feel bigger and airier.


So, there you have it – Scandinavian design in a nutshell. If you made it this far, why not look at how we’ve created a ‘Scandi’ feel at Åben Living in our gallery?

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